Liability, Risk Management, and Insurance

Having liability insurance is the best way to protect your market from a lawsuit if something happens to a market shopper or vendor. Farmers markets and property owners where markets are held often require insurance coverage from their farmers and vendors. This coverage is generally in addition to that which is carried by the market and property owner and provides another layer of protection against suits filed against a vendor or market. There are a number of issues that could occur at a market that would cause a liability issue, but when you have insurance it provides protection from a catastrophic loss that can come from being caught in a lawsuit.
Finding liability insurance for the market and understanding the legal jargon surrounding it can be confusing, but we hope that these resources will help provide a base understanding on the topic that you can build upon.
Start here: Should Farmers Market Vendors Carry Product Liability Insurance?
Liability & Risk Management:
Veracity Insurance has a series of informational videos, many for vendors, on topics such:
Two insurance providers for farmers markets that have been utilized in Alaska and are a good place to start your own research are:

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