Food Safety & Permitting for Food Hubs

“Food safety is super important in the local foodshed,
because if someone gets sick from our food,
we’re going to know them, they’re going to be our neighbors.”
-Minnesota Farmers Market Association

Food safety is truly everyone’s business—farmers, value-added food producers, food hub managers and workers, and consumers. Everyone in the food system needs to work collaboratively, not only to keep our food safe, but also our food systems operating and communities fed. Your first stop for Food Safety Questions should be: the Alaska State Division of Environmental Health FOOD SAFETY & SANITATION PROGRAM

The Food Safety & Sanitation Program’s mission is to protect public health at regulated food, seafood, and public facilities. Our vision is to collaboratively work with these facilities to prevent illness, injury, and loss of life caused by unsafe sanitary practices.

Kimberly StrykerProgram Manager
87-SAFE-FOOD (877-233-3663)

Here are some examples of permits/ licenses that may be required of you or your food hub vendors
Cottage Food Variance:

Online food hubs in Alaska are now eligible for a variance that legally allows the sell of cottage food products online. Learn more below!

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