Operational Forms, Policy, and Guides

Day-to-day guides are helpful for keeping everyone on the same page – this is especially helpful if multiple people are filling the same role, or you rely on volunteers. A policy manual and agreement ensure everyone is on the same page. Here are examples of both:
This guide from the WALLACE CENTER is designed to help food and farm businesses, food hubs, and USDA GroupGAP administrators develop a basic Quality Management System to identify and meet customer requirements and to create systems for continuous improvement. While the concept of Quality Management Systems (QMS) may be foreign to many, most businesses have asked themselves:

• What do our customers need from us?
• How do we ensure that we can consistently meet those needs?
• How do we train staff?
• How can we become more consistent in our operating practices?
• Who is responsible for what processes?
• How can we do better?
• How do we make sure that if a key staff person leaves the operation can continue to run smoothly?

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