Staff Management

Markets can run on three types of power: volunteer, part-time employees, or full-time employees. Most markets start with a volunteer market manager, and that position grows and changes as the market evolves. Many markets have some combination of paid employees and volunteers that keep the show running smoothly. In this section you will find information on recruiting employees, manager job descriptions, and succession plans when your market experiences staff turnover.
  • Employment and Labor Law Risks – The Farmers Market Legal Toolkit. This resources includes important considerations when hiring market staff, working with volunteers, or creating intern positions.
  • Managing Market Staff – The Farmers Market Coalition.
Employees and volunteers aren’t the only people you’ll need to work with – working with your board of directors effectively is critical to a sustainable market (if you have a board!).


Examples of market manager job descriptions:
Here are some fantastic sample interview questions you can use to form your own interview process for the market manager position.


Other types of job descriptions at the market:

These job descriptions come from the Homer Farmers Market and cover positions like:


Fillable Templates:

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