11. Vendor Management

Farmers market managers create the physical space, policy, and manage other behind the scenes logistics, but vendors are the face and pulse of the market. Without them, there is no market. New markets may need to recruit vendors to fill spaces, while more established markets may have a competitive application process for vendor booths. All markets ask themselves questions like, “should we charge vendor fees,” “how do we keep vendors coming back,” or “what is our vendor application process”?
Check out these resources on recruitment and retention of vendors, registration and sign-up form examples and templates, and management software apps that can make sorting booths much easier. Feel free to adapt them for your own market!
In addition to the resources in Chapter 3 of the AFMA Toolkit, “Market Operations,” this vendor conflict resolution process and code of conduct form is specific to vendors and can greatly aid you in rule creation and management at your market.

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